ILYY Torino "defect"?

Was looking at this yoyo, and the favorable reviews of the pre-production and limited edition green models. However, on the production model I noted the disclaimer:

“A message from ILOVEYOYO:
After finishing the Torinos, we noticed our machining shop changed some things that we didn’t want them to…”

The ILYY site does not give more details, just says that the price will be reduced on the first production run, and that future runs won’t be affected. Does anyone know what was changed, and if there is any significant difference that would affect how they play, or is it mainly cosmetic? Buy now, or wait for run #2? Anyone have a red & gold yet?

it nothing, probably anno defects

Yes, I am curious about this as well.
“We nonetheless believe, the Torinos play wonderfully!”
So do they NOT play as well as the intended design?
That would concern me.
I love the look, but don’t want a yo-yo that will perform sub-par, especially with a 95 dollar price tag. :o

Really doubt it is simply an anno problem, since there is a separate entry on their site about a minor anno issue with Voids. The post about the Torino goes on to say that they “did not come as perfect as we want an ILYY to be.” Anyone with first hand info?

I agree, they stated it’s a physcial defect, not a cosmetic one.
My next question is the image we see here on YYE for the product, is that a photo of this throw or just shots from the vendor?

And what was that change that was made against the ILYY wishes.
It looks like someone bought one, was curious if they are on the forum here and have any input or information on the Torino.

I was trudging around site and after some exhaustive translating, have not found any further mention of the ‘defect’.

I remember reading a review saying the candoize finish didn’t grind in humidity.