ILYY Fury Bearing

I see it has a bearing that measures 6x13x5mm.
But I don’t see any replacement bearings on this site.
What is the size of that bearing? And where could I find replacement bearings?

I got a terrapin x for my ILYY mary off ebay. Way better then the one it came with.

Yeah they’re metric. But I just got a C-size Terrapin X-wing s/c on ebay for $25. Plays beautifully and never has to be cleaned or lubed. Would totally recommend it. I can PM you a link if you like

So ‘C’ size is compaitable? And I should expect and adventure trying to find a replacement bearing? ???

It does come stock with a Size C bearing, so any size C bearing will fit in, and work perfectly fine.

No, the one you need is metric. All my throws are size C, which aren’t listed on ebay. He just happened to have one in that size and charged me as though it we’re an ILYY bearing. You need the 6x13x5mm bearing.

EDIT* I mean the size C X-Wings aren’t listed on ebay.


Size C Terrapins are on ebay along with all the other size bearings.

Yeah, I see that he added those now. Tre’ cool. I’ll have to pick up some more of those.
Just a note to AtomBomb, the C bearing is still not going to fit.

I’m pretty sure the 6x13x5mm bearing is a D Bearing.

D-size is 5mm x 11mm x 5mm