ILYY falcon for sale or trade

so i have a mint condition, LIMITED edition green (whatsyoingon version) that plays great, but it just too heavy for me

i really want a burnside or a dietz, but i’ll take any offers i get but please, no lowballs.

no i will not ad anything on. its mint, its expensive, and it plays great nuff said.
COUGH limited edition COUGH

i chief would be nice.

here’s a picture

Just saying, if you want ANY chance at a Chief OF ANY kind, you will have to add something.  Even a beat to crap vibey chief is worth more than a falcon.

okay, skip the chief

falcons are good tho and it is a cool color way! My friend has one and i like it a lot… he might be able to get a chief but he would have to throw something else in but who says he won’t…