ILYY Falcon! FS-55$ Shipped!

Hey everyone I don’t use my Falcon anymore so I want it to go to a home where someone will use it. USA PREFERRED! Now to the Falcon.

I have a near mint ILYY Falcon with one small black smudge on the red side that is hard to see. Really smooth. Offer cash!

Smudge shown as best as I could.


Thanks for looking guys!
More pics if your interested. I know these ones are pretty bad…

Your Photos, they hurt my eyes!

Bump. selling one by one.

Bump…anyone??? Prices negotiable!

Please bump

Please buy! BUMP

I have not been here for at least four months…I know these pictures are pretty bad…I just want this thing gone. I am open to different offers. I don’t know if people still do this but um…bump? ???