ILOVEYOYO Phase: A High Speed YoYo Review

One of the things I love about ILOVEYOYO (ILYY for short) is that they are not afraid to push the envelope and put out some absolutely bonkers designs. Some of them only make it to the prototype phase and have a limited run of twenty or so, others make it into mass production and go on to garner a success that you just would not expect from such an off the wall design. A good example of that is the insane Noctu; a yo-yo that on first glance my wife said, “It will eat your face”. The Noctu went on to have several runs and revamps in various finishes. Proof positive that a highly unorthodox design can play brilliant and sell well. On the flip side are those test designs that never make it to the majors. I have had the pleasure of reviewing quite a few of those, including the most insane of them all, the P.Y.B.I.T. (Frank still refuses to tell me what the name means), a squat tomato paste can looking design that played surprisingly well but was never green lighted for full public consumption. Today’s review is another one of those prototypes, the Phase. This one could go either way at the moment, ILYY is mulling over the design to see if it is worthy of a full production run. Lets put it to the test and see if it is ready for prime time.

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Can you purposely hit the rim to transition into horizontal? I might get one if it can.

It would have to be a pretty hard and well placed hit.