If you traded someone a Battosai at BACs...


Hi there. I’m looking for a person at BACs that traded me a black w/yellow splash Battosai. I want to see if we can trade back.


It’s gonna be tough finding the exact guy, but good luck!


If you can’t find them, I’d trade for that Battosai :slight_smile:


The only thing I know about that person is he had a yellow and green painted Dinkface Canvas. And yoyospirit, unless you got a YYR or equivalent, no. Cause thats what someone offered me.


So why not just take the YYR instead of whining about a bad trade?


No one is going to just trade you back because you ended up not liking your end of the deal.


Lol, i know who it is, why would you want to trade back? I mean, what did you trade again?


Fire penguin… Did u do what I think u did? :wink:

I think u know what I’m talking about…


Uh oh… Lol


Caught me. Feel free to use this thread to find the guy though.

Btw, andy569 here is offering a NM '09 Sleipnir! For the Pride.


Aww man I was hoping I was wrong :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow, so basically you’re trying to get the guy to trade back with you, because you got a better offer after the deal was done and not to mention you both returned home? Good luck trying to get the Pride back.


Wow… yeah. Looks like you’re just going to have to use this as a learning experience.


I wish he just removed it from his bst :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry, I don’t update my BST often. Good luck finding the Pride though.


Thanks, Already got an offer on a 7075, just waiting for him to confirm.




Wait are you the one who had to change pads on it?




If it’s snagged just silicone it yourself it will play awesome, I assume the reason you don’t like it is because
Really snaggy