If you have a DSLR come in here! (will trade for yoyos) TRADED

traded, thanks!

Hi. So I don’t know if it’d be wise for me to sell/trade this here but I’ll try it anyway because I can’t really sell this on Craigslist, haha.

I have a Canon 17-40mm lens that I’m looking to trade for yoyos.
I have 125+ positive feedback on YoYoNation (you can PM me there if you want, username is “Liz”) + other feedbacks on various forums. I have a lot of people that can vouch for my legitimacy.

Anyway! I don’t use this enough and my current collection is pretty small so I’m looking to expand it. I like mainly CLYW but I’m open to a lot of suggestions as long as they’re not lowballs. I don’t mind cash too. It can be a mixture. If you reaaaally want to purchase it though it’d be $600 obo, I guess. But why buy when you can trade.

It’s a really nice lens! It’s $700 new and I’ve only used it a few times. It’s only gotten about 30 minutes of use all together probably. The only time I REALLY took it out and used it was at a sorority probate and even then I didn’t really take many pictures.

Here’s a sample picture I took of my school campus though :’)

Hehe, I took it from my room.

Anyway, yes. Yoyos welcomed, cash welcomed, or both! I’m seeing what I can get here since a lot of people here are into photography/videography and have DSLRs.

So yeah! Pick it up today.

Peace! xoxo[/s]