If Mississippi was to have a Contest..

(Halbach) #1

I’d love to know who would come. It will help me decide whether to start up a contest here. I’ve got an idea as to what to do, but I just want to know if a contest would even be worth it.


Dude i’m from Louisiana and i’ve been trying to get a meet or something set up here for awhile to no avail. I would so travel to mississippi. What area are you planning on holding it? I’m about a hour away from Gulf Shores.

(Halbach) #3

Not sure yet. I’m working on getting more people interested before starting up a meet.


could maybe be possible to combine MS and LA throwers.


If enough people are planned to go, I would be interested. I live in AR, so it is quite a drive


i live in louisiana me and crosswhite are trying to plan something


Ora lives in shreveport.

(Halbach) #8

Who’s Ora? Just curious.

Keep in mind this won’t be a state contest, BTW. Something similar to DXL or the triple crown.

(Ora) #9

I’m Ora, and as Icthus said, I live in Shreveport.