I will trade manga for yoyos!

I have an extensive collection of manga, and I am willing to trade them for yoyos.
-the entire Rurouni Kenshin series volumes 1-28
-the entire Dragon Head series volumes 1-28
-hellsing volumes 1-7
-Naruto volumes 1-20
-Bleach volumes 1-15
-Gun Blaze West volumes 1-2

  • VIZ BIG Dragonball Z volume 1 (3-in-one)
    -Zombie Powder volume 1
    -Ranma 1/2 volumes 1-2
    -Full Metal Alchemists volume 10
    -Akira volume 1
    -One Piece volume 1
    -and lots of Shonen Jumps, 56 in all
    These are all in very good condition, even the old Shonen Jumps. Please message me if you are interested and we will negotiate prices. I have enjoyed this manga and I hope that you do too.