I started a beginner tutorial series. (red triangle episode)

I decided that I wanted to start a tutorial series with more emphasis on applications for the moves I cover.  I try to cover multiple ways to get in, and out, and I try to show how the moves are useful.  My most recent episode covers basic red triangles, including some in depth talk about suicides.  I’m usually more active on reddit, since forums scare me, but I thought yall might like this.

anyway, if you have noob friends consider sharing my tuts with them.  If you like this video, it is currently the 3rd in the series, with videos coming out every other week or so; the first three are “Z-Flip” “Kink Mount” and “Red Triangles”.  I take requests (albeit, I am intermediate level, so I can’t really cover advanced tricks) so hmu if there is something you want covered.  If there is something I could do to improve(I’m already looking into better lighting and editing, and I’m not in a position to buy a head mounted actioncam) let me know.