Another original trick! Let me know what you think, and subscribe if you haven’t yet new stuff coming out soon! Also sorry for the poor editing haha, Enjoy really wanna hear your reactions. Also share to anyone who may like it or gain from it.

Any chance you can post any of your tutorials that are a little easier? This stuff is wayyyy advanced

i will if you want ill go through my tricks and see if i can find simpler ones. :)!

Agreed. You do some awesome stuff. But it’s definitely a bit beyond me right now. It hard for me to learn longer tricks like that.

Nice! Keep it up! Only watched the first bit since my internet is really slow right now, but it looks great!

OK! I got a couple of tricks which should be a bit easier to grasp! Ahh they aren’t tricks per say but they are parts of tricks. What do you guys want first a tower one or a double green triangle? :)! I mean I can do both but which do you want to see first?

Double green triangle please. :smiley: