I present you with "The Broome of Doom"

Excuse the un-smoothness.  I wasn’t going for super smooth, just basically showing you what’s in it.

I’m hoping that, by the time DTI does their project, I’ll have the combo finished, and I’ll be able to show it off.

The Broome of Doom is actually the first part of a combo that I’m working on, but it within itself is a trick, so, I figured posting it wouldn’t be a hassle.

My first trick that was even worthy, so I hope you like.

2 or 0
Matrix Roll
Trapeze & Bro
Rotate (Like Mach 5)
Pop and uncross arms (Like Kwijibo)


Forgive me. I’ll post this now, but the video is taking some time to be processed. I’ve got to head out for the night, but, in about 20 min, you should be able to view (12:33 A.M. Central Here)

And, for those of you wondering about the name, it was comment made about my Biology Teacher / Football Coach whose last name just happens to be Broome :slight_smile:

You silly boy.

Broom doesn’t have an E

My teacher’s last name does :slight_smile:

Nice video :slight_smile:

Whats that squawking-ish noise in the back though lol, parrot?


Either my 11-pound, fully-grown Boston Terrier or something else.

  1. It wasn’t that bad
  2. You should ALWAYS play smooth

That being said this was alright but you need to find a better place to film… x_X There’s to much in the foreground and there’s a part where you go completely off screen.