I present the, as of now, still seldom seen Cerakote half swap! PART TWO!

You guys remember the top deck from the first post. We’ll check out this gorgeous half swapped UV GREEN/PINK CERAKOTE DIORAMA!! It’s too nice not to share!! This one required a bit of patience and luck. I had to cop both of these, one on each seperate drop. The green ones only had 30 units made. I don’t remember about the pink. But I got the pink one first and sat on it didn’t even take it out of the box and then boom I saw these green ones were dropping a few weeks later and here we are!!

Now the hard question: do I sell one or keep both and use one as a regular player and keep one nice n pretty??? That’s a serious question cuz I really have no idea which way to go.

I saw an opportunity and I went for it. When noticed two of the cerakote options for the recent top deck drop had matching black cups i new they’d be perfect to half swap so I went for it.
Also apologies if there is already a topic covering this but I couldn’t find one. I’m still newish here and learning my way around. I just wanted to show this off n wasn’t sure how or where to do it.

Thanks Did anyone else have this idea?


Check out the new diorama!!