i need a bearing that fits a frantic!!!


guys my 888x bearing got responsive and i took the bearing off the frantic and my frantic doesnt work! help

i dont have money but i make whip yoyo string and have tons of legos


I’ll trade you a bearing for 10 Whip strings.


What do you mean your Frantic “doesn’t work”?


I think he means it “doesn’t work” because there’s no bearing in it.


So then he could put the 888x bearing in the Frantic? They’re both the same bearing anyways.

If it’s responsive, check the bearing seat, blow the bearing out with compressed air, and if those don’t work then clean and lube it.


deal it it a normal bearing???
please ct


Yep, it’s just a standard 8-ball C-sized bearing.


i need 2 bearings ill give you 20 strings


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