I made the PILL


Here is some pics. I based the size off comparison to hands in videos.

Made out of oak, pine and mahogany.
The spike is pine witch is removable. The 2 sides of it are oak and the center mahogany.
Thanks for looking



EDIT** Where is the video?


I didn’t say I’d make I video I said that’s how I figured out the size of it by watching videos, because there is no exact measurements online


Sorry, I misread :).

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I think it’s neat that the spike is removable. If you mess with the taper of the body up to the spike, and also down into the hole, it’ll help in play. Super neat work so far!


You should make a second one and put it blue and the other red so if some one wants to try it you can say (insert scene from the matrix about the pills)


yeah it works out nice because I don’t have to have the pice to hold the sting on the end. I just drilled the hole and the string to the inside and put on the spike


What are the specs?


sorry for the late response. Just saw this post now before bed. Will have tommarow though


Cool man :slight_smile:


6 and a quarter inches tall and the circle diameter is 2.5 inches wide



Thanks bra