I made string today. :)

I saw that rig too. Looks like a good way to crank out quantity of just single colored or multicolored strings, but there’s really no way to do any interesting patterns. If I were to get into the biz, I’d come up with a rig that could at least semi-automate fades, twists, and hard transition patterns. I even have a pattern that looks like a US flag. That would make my strings more distinctive in the market. But, I’m not getting into the biz. I turned a hobby into a business before and it killed the joy for me.

I want to focus on 2 things with this project.

High visibility, and high performance.

Ill leave the super duper awesome artsy stuff to the others killing it already. I dont know how well they will be received, but ive sent out a couple string packs this morning. Well see if they stand out to others like they do for me. I may just be biased and they are crap. Well see! haha :smiley:

If the strings you sent me with my Tundra were made by you, than they definitely stand out to me. I love them!

Send me a pic of the string I sent you, ill let you know what they are. ( i dont remember what I put in there)

Edit- Yeah! I made those. Im super happy to hear you like them! :smiley:

Welcome to the world a new string on the market!

;D Heartstrings ;D

Website will be up soon! I will be sending out sample packs to a chosen select few on the forums here. Ill be in touch soon for addresses. :slight_smile:

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Great name!

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Thanks man! Last samples are being shipped out today! Website is purchased and storefront is being built. Might be live by tonight? Well see! :smiley: