I just don't get it

I took the bing challenge. I still like google more. The last one I searched, “Why is google just that awesome”, I ironically picked bing.

I took the test too, just for giggles. Searched for things that mattered to me and google gave considerably better results. It was really quite dramatic actually, more so than I was envisioning. Google won every round.

I haven’t noticed any real noticeable difference. They both work fine.

Though I can understand Bing’s need to try and topple the King of Search Engines, I think they’re trying too hard to make it an ‘experience’. The average consumer doesn’t care about having a pleasant search experience, they just want to find what they’re looking for.

I’ll still only ever use Google, though. With all these commercials bashing Google and trying to get people to switch, Bing just comes off as needy.

A lot of websites, over the years, change drastically, and usually a large portion of the userbase is upset at one or more aspects of the change. But Google seems to have captured lightning in a bottle. They popped up at the right time in the internet’s history and made the changes that make it near-perfect.

Google won for me too…

Because it’s not Google, bing lost.

I tried this the first time they did it, maybe 6 months ago, and google won 5 for 5. I tried it again this time and google won 4 to 1. I think i’ll stick with google.

I got bing…
Time to go again!

It is kind of fun, if you’re bored. Which I often am.

I was a Google(ite) 4/5

Google won 4/5. Bing is really good on info about The Great Gatsby :wink:

Bing seems better for doing research, for say a paper.

It didn’t work that way for me! It was terrible for my research :frowning:

I use both. I use Bing when I’m looking for different pics and different search results. I like both.

Wolfram Alpha is really nice if you want a short answer to a simple question.