I have honey bees now!


Alright so today we got our honey bees and put them in our hives very cool. Right now we are working on the second hive it’s hard work to do. I will our post pictures later today when the honey bees settle down. :wink:

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You raise bee’s? That’s awesome! Do you have to wear the beekeeper getup when you go out with them?


Will you use the bees for good or evil?


yeah but there really mellow bees however you do have to wear it so you don’t get stung it’s not that bad though. Like I said the bees are really mellow so I don’t have to wear gloves because of that.


The bees are your homeys? That’s cool.

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Bees are chill, it’s wasps you need to watch out for.

By keeping bees, you are actually doing something great for the planet. Pesticides are killing bees all around the world, which is bad because bees are key pollinators. Food-supplies depend on bees. You also get honey, which is an amazing product.


have fun with yo homies, girl. 8)


not just honey you can also get tons of other products from the hive such as

royal jelly (considered a delicacy to some people its what the queen bee is made out of)
honey comb
bee wax for candles and all kinds of stuff
bee venom (its thought to help some kinds of cancer i really don’t know)
propolis (its kind of like the bees insulator of a hive its used for ointments and such)
and of course honey!

I can’t control that its the matter of the queen bee to determine that just take a look at african honey bees. There very agressive due to the pheromones the queen produces.



Um… I thought Royal Jelly was honey that turns Bee Pupae/Larvae into Queen Bees. Then the Queen Bees have a fight to the death to establish awesomeness.


My quoting of your explanation of Royal Jelly failed miserably… rude word app…



Royal Jelly



yep that’s royal jelly for ya the stuff that people eat.
and secondly queen bees don’t fight basically you can get 2 queens for a certain time for these reasons
a. the queen is really old and needs to be replaced so the worker bees make a new one
b. the bees are swarming and are going to leave the hive
c. the hives really healthy

One thing as well the queens don’t fight in these cases this is what happens with the queens

for situation a this is what goes on the old queen is surrounded by worker bees causing her to over heat and dying and the new queen takes charge

for situation b This means the hives healthy but it is extremely bad though due to 2/3 of the hive leaving to go somewhere else AKA you either need another hive to stop this from happening when swarming happens you can tell by when the bees are on the side of the hive so called “bearding” and it looks like this (see pic below)

for situation c the hives thriving and its doing fine no problems at all

Note: this is not our hive ours are brand new still settling in


And by now you can consider me educated about bees.