I got 120 Dollars

Okay, so I have 120 dollars and want to buy a new yoyo, If a deal is made I want the yoyos to be listed on bay and stuff because that’s the way I can buy, I would appreciate if it’s more than1 yoyo offers but anything is good

Wants(appreciated if mint)
Any Oxygene
Any CLYW except campfire
Any vibe free metals

YYF tactic purple with blue splash LB, 15 white 100%poly strings and a skull cw for $60? It has no vibe, and two very small scratches.

Just telling you, the B-grades sold for 45 shipped.

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um im pretty sure that isnt a b grade but dont quote me on that

pm me i got G5 Limited red star edition '07 first run 1 of 50 from

the guy under you was right, it is not a b-grade.

i have a mayhame no vibe
and a ouch yo no vibr