I dare you...

(Owen) #1

…to make a thread that HAS NEVER BEEN MADE BEFORE.

I hate hate HATE it when people make repeat threads, there is a fricken search button ya know.


You just made one!


I LOVE repeat threads. They bring fresh perspectives on old topics. They encourage more people to share by clearing away the clutter: pages and pages of mixed useless and useful input, hijacked threads, flame wars, etc. It encourages newer members to share useful information because as a thread gets older or longer, people pay less attention.

Without repeat threads it would get boring around here.

Bottom line is that the benefits outweigh the negatives. The search button is there if you need it.

I’m totally going to make another 2A Raider mod thread soon because my old thread got too long and cluttered and my real question got buried and unanswered.

Thanks! ;D


Person makes new thread: “Use the search button”
Uses search button: “NECRO!:rage:

I say, just ignore the nit-pickers and have fun with it like most of the other people are doing on the topic you created/necroed.


… to make a thread that HAS NEVER BEEN MADE BEFORE.


Done. :smiley:



I just wish my life was so smooth that something on one of these forums could flip my world upside down and make it suck.
A life like that must be sweet.