I challange you!!! >:o


I haven’t battled anyone yet and i really want to.

2 Throws, no regens.

And to the people who are a lot better than I am, please refrain from total butt kicking. Its my first time, so please be gentle.  :stuck_out_tongue:

Reply to this topic if you are interested.


sure I’ll try
if I can get a video in by this weekend


Deadline is sat
PM me the videos


last reminder is anyone wants to join
deadline is sat night

(JonasK) #5

I was looking for a battle, and then I saw that you’re going to be in it, and I started to doubt. Then I saw that dacklink is entering… I’m out.



(Nova) #7

That SloMo drove me have way to insanity. Try to just do it for complex parts, not the whole throw.

(Mark) #8

Come on! You are better than me! (I think) and I’m sure you won’t get totally beaten. I’m sure you will do decent.