Huge yyf bst mainly ft, but FS also.

These are my yo-yo’s . I have a ton of yyf, so if you’re into yyf, good :slight_smile:
Pm me if you want pictures, and pm me for offers.

-Yyf victor gravitsky protostar
-Magic yoyo n9 floating cloud
-Yomega maverick(yuck)
-Yyf mighty flea 2013
-Yyf ONEstar half white half green
-yoyo from nicuragua

  • 2 duncan speed beetles
    -yyf grind machine( I have the hubstacks.)
    -yyj dark magic 2 toxic frog edition( I have the caps.)
    -yyf equilateral
    -yyf supernova

I want the mighty flea how much