Huge Sale Rare Yoyos up for grabs almost all mint condition! General Yo Magnum!

Hey all, so I’ve quit yoyoing quite a few years ago and I’ve finally came to the point where I need to sell them for some cash. If you need more pictures of a specific one let me know via PM. Also if I get a nice enough offer I have a General Yo Mint condition with original packaging Magnum, 1 of 5 that was sold on this site.

Bump - Selling Skylines 95$ each as well as the super star (all mint).

talk to me further about prices
100 for the gnarwal v1 - marmot hulk 100 - peak hulk 100 - sever 70 -

Update on General Yo Magnum, since it’s very special to me I’m selling it for 450 OBO