Huge Duncan lot MIP, take ALL DUNCANS 60 shipped!!! Super STEAL!

stuff for sale! shipping is cheaper for combined orders. TAKE REMAINING DUNCANS FOR 60 shipped!!!

all MIP.
[center]Duncan Reflex-7$ shipped
Duncan Freehand, White 2x, Dark Blue 1x, Bionic x1SOLD , freakhand, Lime Green all $13 shipped except bionic which is $20 shipped.
Duncan ProZ- $7 shipped.
Duncan Butterfly XT- $7 shipped
Duncan Metal Drifter- $13 shipped
Duncan Light up FHZ (chris makita hand layered vinyl decal, copped from worlds 2013)- $30 shipped
Duncan Raptor MIP, signed by sebby. $20 shipped
YYF northstar and YYF Tx states custom ones, offer.
Bumblebees, selling together. offer up. $23 shipped
Both of these MIP. selling together for $23 shipped.
Yetis- 50 shipped for the Olive (2 TEENY nicks, smooth player) 55 shipped for the grey yeti, mint as far as i can tell and smooth. Gone

prices negotiable!
No trades! PayPal only!