Duncan Yoyojam SALE!! I just want them GONE

alright i have a couple of old things im ready to give up ;D
The first is a duncan set consisting of
*duncan wheels black and white
*2 red imperials
*and an old green proyo with really hashed pogs

the second is a green misquito that has a complete stock bearing. it has no friction stickers but i put orthodontic wax where they go and it made it pretty unrespopnsive and makes tight binds one side rubbed off but the other is as full as it was the day i put it on

The third item is a satined shaved oring yellow black lyn fury it is a great 5a player and i hate to see it go but i do need money :frowning: its bearing needs to be cleaned i can clean it if you just request. it has only one shield on the bearing.

Just offer anything trades money i like em both but if you do money please only use paypal thanks ;D

(the puppy is telling you to buy stuff :smiley:

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You don’t need to bump a post on the same day.

comon people you can aim low you would be surprised :wink:

I’ll buy your dog.

12 shipped?

Laughed out loud… :smiley:

How much for the Lyn Fury and the Mosquito?

Together? I’d say about 20 shipped obo