HUGE BUNDLE - State Champion Yoyo + NEW YOYOS - Only Trades

I’m trading a (From left to right):
YYJ Phenom (This Yoyo won a State Championship)(Slight Scuffing and missing caps)
Duncan Raptor (Buffed Rims)
YYJ Red yoyos (I don’t know what model they are but I think they’re fixed axles)
YYJ Yoyo (Cracked side)
YYF Equilateral (Near mint) — GONE
YYF Supernova (Super buffed inside side)(doesn’t effect play and it looks awesome when spinning)
C3YoyoDesign Level 6(Buffed rims)
Sweets Kendama (nicks on the ball from light use)

NEW YOYO: YYF Shutter w aftermarket buffed rims
NEW YOYO: Near Mint YYF 888
NEW YOYO: Near Mint YYF Catalyst w Stacks

Each Yoyo has fresh polyester, Kitty String or Venom string and are freshly lubed

I want (I will trade multiple yoyos for one of the following to balance the price):

  • Large
    YYF Genesis
    YYF Super G
    YYJ Inspire
    Crucial Cupcake
    GSquared Quake
    CLYW Bonfire
    CLYW Cliff
    CLYW Arctic Circle 2nd Expedition
    CLYW Chief

  • Super Large
    C3YoyoDesign Krown
    C3Yoyodesign Trident
    Onedrop Format C

Or make an offer

I might except a YYJ Collid3r

  • Small
    YYJ Fever
    YYJ C-Force
    YYJ Speeder II
    YYF Horizen



Pictures count as bumps, one bump a day sonny boy

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Pics of the new yoyos:
(Left to Right)
YYF Shutter with buffed rims
Mint YYF 44
Near Mint YYF 888