hubstack o rings

i have a grind machine which has 1 fine hubstack and one jammed one. i just ordered new o rings from yye. every time i try to put it it, it snaps (well, i tried twice) i dont want to buy the tool for it, but does any body have advice into inserting the o ring into the hubstack?

please help me.

Just gently roll it over the metal nub.

I wouldn’t order them from yoyoexpert either. Go to a place that sells gauges (the huge hole in your ears earrings) and ask for a size 6g rubber band. They will sometimes giver you them for free. This is the same size as a yyf oring.


well i bought the oring alredy there in the mail. i mean, how exactly do i roll it over the metal post

thanks though

Start off with one side on the edge of the nub and press down while easing the O ring over the rest of it.

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I’m just saying incase you ever lose some.

sorry if i was rude :’( thank you i will try that!

There are three parts to the hubstack. Make sure you have separated the bearing, plastic nub and the o ring . Put the bearing on the yoyo post first, then slip on the o ring after that. The plastic nub will go on last and it fits tight. Sometimes when you pull off the stack it comes off in one piece. Also you can buy the o rings in a hardware store. Check the plumbing section. Lots of small rubber rings to choose from. Cheap too!