I saw this while looking through Tapatalk. I don’t have a clue. Has it somehow died like

It used to be a yoyo store that John Huber (the one from New York, not the one from Arizona) ran for a year or so. It went out of business but apparently left the forum up, much like ES. They probably either deleted all the content like when ES got overtaken by spam, or else just have it set up so that you have to be logged in to see anything.

(Sorry for the thread necro. This was my first time seeing this.)

John Huber here. As Yossarian already said, it was originally a yo-yo store, and then it was just a forum once the store closed down. But since the forum wasn’t all that active, I deleted most of the content and haven’t done much of anything with the site in the time since.

However, now that I have several video projects in the works, we will be bringing the site back as a yo-yo blog/tutorial website in the near future.

I miss it. Especially all of the swearing. :slight_smile: