HSPIN ENVY64 pads? No recess!!


I got a Envy64 and I’m not a fan of the Stocker Response.

I’m pretty sure Friction Stickers fit but I’d rather have something els.

Is there enough depth for a Recess or silicone groove?


No sili wont work so you have to use Ethier Duncan sili stickers or diff .555 pads

(M.DeV1) #3

When I owned a 64 I found Dif .555 pads worked best.


Is there enough depth of metal to use a lathe and make a groove for silicone?


maybe but wouldn’t try risking it if It were to get severe vibe or something

(M.DeV1) #6

Just rock pads or get rid of it. I never was fond of the envy 64 myself However I did enjoy its big brother the OG envy.


Duncan sili pads ( 13.7 mm size) will work.