how'd you get into yoyos?

how did everyone get into yo-yoing?
my friends started yo-yoing and I thought it was really lame for a long time, then I picked up my buddy’s M1 and became addicted. he let me use it and his peak for a while until I bought my 888x (I should’ve bought a MMN looking back) and for like a month I didn’t know it had a thin bearing in it so it was responsive and I didn’t know what was up lol. I am still very average. it might not be something that I will ever be very good at, but it is still something I love to do. I’m glad I picked up that M1.

I got into throwing when my sister wouldn’t let me use their little cheap plastic yoyo (like one that cost 75¢) so I decided to “show them” and buy a Duncan speed beetle and not let them use it. After awhile I really liked it, so for my birthday I got a Yomega Maverick. I found some videos of tricks on YouTube but I was terrible. I put it down and didn’t touch it for awhile. About a year later I picked it up again and found YYE. I got pretty good so I bought a One Drop 54. The rest is just history.

I was always into toys like yoyos, but yoyos were the only skilled toy I actually got great at lol. I was first introduced to yoyos when NED came to my school, everything they did looked amazing. I ended up buying a Ned-Yo from them, but I didn’t know how to use it, nor did anyone in my school. Fast forward 7 years, I moved from Wisconsin to Connecticut. There wasn’t much to do, not having any friends in Connecticut, I picked up a Duncan Butterfly and I liked yoyoing, A LOT. After a while, I moved up to the Duncan Dragonfly and Freehand 2. I got into unresponsive yoyos on my birthday in 2009, when I got a Dark Magic, a few weeks before that however, I went to Minnesota for my uncle’s wedding, while there, I also went to the Mall Of America, and visited a toy store there that sold all kinds of yoyos, and I bought a Speed Maker. That’s how it started for me.

A friend of mine bought a yoyo on the Internet and impressed me with rock the baby. I got interested and used a cheap dollar yoyo from John’s Incredible Pizza and brought it around with me. My grandfather saw me with its knotted up string and gave me (what I consider) my first yoyo, a Superyo Nitro. After using that to learn the first tricks and buying a few Duncan’s, I stopped for a few months (because I was mad that I suck at offstring). Then I saw some kid at school with his new Dark Magic II doing a gravity pull. That inspired me to pick up my yoyo again. I now know how to do up to the Matrix and Kwijibo:) It is cool to hear everyone’s story:P

I owe a big thank to Grant Johnson for getting me into yoyoing. One day I was bored, I was looking up a song called “Stronger” by Kanyé West I saw a video called “Stronger Yoyo” and it was Grant Johnson’s video. The next day I bought a Throw Monkey. I got through my beginner tricks but then I decided that I didn’t like the Throw Monkey. I bought a DM2 because I saw “YoyoJam” on one of the boxes of yoyos that Grant had in the background. I lived that yoyo immediately as I got it. That’s why to this day I’m loyal to YYJ and I only throw YYJ from now on.

John. Higby.

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on the the other hand last year supbreh got me into yo-yoing and I remember that every day he would tell me to get a new breed which was my first yoyo and hey was my science teacher TA (teacher aid) and he would correct my homework and my test and on every test hey would write get a new breed. Ever since then I have had a great deal of respect for supbreh. :slight_smile:

I actualy started out with a duncan impearial, that was tied to the string so it could not sleep.
I had fun with that, but got kinda angry cause i thought the sleeper was really really hard, big lol!
Then my friend got a yoyo that could sleep, i tried it, and thought, Wow, this is cool! so i got a yomega power-brain XP wing, but tricks were realy hard on it. Then I got 3 different duncans, (i think a flying squirell, a dragonfly, and a, i can’t remember). A bunch of my friends all liked it, so i keept on learning!

I my brother found YYE after we all had like 3 diuncans.

One day I was searching random stuff on YouTube, and some how I ended up seeing Ben Condes offstring performance. The next day I ordered a big Ben for offstring. Maybe I should of started with 1a haha

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