how to post a video

I wanted to post a video but I couldn’t find a atachment button.
could somebody help me.


if its from you tube…just copy paste the URL…

How about some thing from your desktop?

      keep spining


Well, you will have to attach a file. Click on additional options, then click browse, and double click on your file. then post.

Hope this helped!

Here’s the steps tells you how:

  1. Go to video
  2. click “share” topic
  3. Then you click “more sharing option” in the very right side of SHARE topic
  4. Then you highlight the code/website
  5. Click the right button on your mouse
  6. Click “Copy”
  7. Then you go back to message page
  8. Click the right button on your mouse
  9. Click “paste”
  10. You are done!

Hope this helps.

Happy Throwing! =]