How to make yoyo string

i have seen a lot of post to make a string video so here it is i hope it hleps

Just copy and paste the link, the forum will embed it. The song doesn’t go with the video but good tip nonetheless. :slight_smile:

i know it was that or no music

You should’ve added happy music to it. Like fireflies or something haha.

Huh. Is this like the universal way to make a yoyo string, because I use a pretty different method. Still looked cool though.

i learned it off this tut from uncle freak (aka chaos yoyo strings) and it works really good it is just all about the formats and stuff every one does something different

very cool never seen it this way I’m gonna try this way :slight_smile:

True I guess. I actually use an old fishing reel to do the twisting. So to each their own I guess.

sweet tut… i just tried it a few times and seems to work very well… ;D

good tut