How to make Gifs?

Hey guys, i know some of you have some cool animated gifs as your avatars and I was wondering how you made them. I know some of you probably didn’t make them but do you still know how? What tools or programs do I need. And im talking about the more animated ones not the fast slideshow ones. Thanks guys, and if this thread was already posted please link it below.

The Gimp has an animated gif feature.

I believe does too if you’re totally into winders schtuff. :wink:

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Thank you good sir! ;D

Yay Gimp! Gimp catches more flack then it should I mean it is free. C=

FunnyJunks image editor is a carbon copy of photoshop. You can make them here; but you have to be a member.
OR just browse around the comments on pictures and you’ll get some hilarious gifs.