How to easily lube your bearing after washing it.

Some people after wahsing their use the method of lubing with a needle, but here is and easier way:

You take the washed and deshielded bearing, then simply put a couple of drops of thin lube or your lube of preference and spin it till the whole bearing is lubed. Now take your bearing and drop it from 1 or 1.5 feet untill no more lube splashes out of the bearing, this with get the excess lube out. This method leaves your bearing lubed and no or almost no breaking in time.

You can also substitute the dropping part for taking a can of compressed air and lightly blowing out the extra lube.

Yeah, you should not drop it like that. It is rather risky as the bearing cage might bend, causing the bearing to be permanently damaged and you would have to get a new bearing…

Bearing are very solid and robust, so its very hard to break them. Show me a picture of a ruined bearing that was ruined by dropping it and I´ll beleive you. Maybe someone can test the strenght of some beairngs mithbuster style, they buy an assortment of bearings, put some weight on them till they collapse, check the terminal velocity of bearings to see what happens if you drop a bearing at the highest point were it will get ruined. If the bearings are strong enough to stand all that abuse they take out all the bearings and smash the till they are just crushed metal. In the end they show what takes to break/ruin a bearing.

From here, it seems like bearings are rather brittle…

Why would you want to wash a bearing? It could rust it. I think you mean cleaning.

Show me that dropping the bearing itself from one foot on a table will ruin it, even if the bearing on that dienasty got responsive becuase of the yoyo hitting that chair. The impact of the yoyo hitting something is much more than droping a bearing at a one foot distance.