how many messages do you have in your inbox?

(Vizoh) #1

how many messages do u have in youre inbox currently
currently i have 111


Something like 60 or so. 57.




in yye, 170 or so. my email is over 1700. (wish i could say “ITS OVER NINETHOUSAND!”)

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(Jei Cheetah) #7

130 death threats.
422 hate mail
10 “y u do that” mails
30 pms from individuals who I now consider dead.
5 fan mail.

Im awesome.



OK, that was funny right there…

(Edmeister) #9

About 50 Pages

(Vizoh) #10

so far jayyo is the winner


It’s hard to count since its OVER NINETHOUSAND!!! no but seriously I have like 2


My anti-spam measures block on average over 100,000 spams a day. The number has dropped significantly since I started using some additional aggressive measures that have made some portions of the internet vanish(by preventing them from even connecting to my mail server).

If not, the numbers would be out of control.

over 9000? Bah. Child’s play!


Mad props there.^^^^^^^^

I had like 300,000 emails in my email the other day cuz the spam thingy was turned off. I hadnt checked it in like months, so i sat down and started manually deleting the non important ones one by one. After an hour i decided i dont care if they were important and hit my beloved “delete all” button. Good times.


be glad noone posted your email on /b/


14,000 emails and over 100,000 pms since i started


Only 7


Ten on YYE, I don’t want to make the effort to go check anything else…

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I was totally gonna say that haha! I have one ;D