How Long Does it Take to get Good at Kendama

Hey all, just wondering. How long did it take you guys to get consistent with airplanes and lighthouses and really be able to jam. Dont worry I wont get discouraged and stop practicing. Just seeing if anybody could provide a timeline i.e. first week: cup to spike second week: lighthouse etc

Lighthouses take awhile, maybe a couple months.

There’s really no set time before you get “good”. Just like anything in life, the more time you put in the more results you will see. Just practice and you’ll get the hang of it.

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Really depends on yourself, and how open you are to new ideas and concepts.

I’ve been playing for more than two years now, and i’ll say that i’m pretty decent at it.
Bonz Atron, who’s only been playing slightly longer than me, was 2014 World Champion.

my Fiancé has gotten really good at it in just a couple weeks.