How is geometry fundamental to yoyoing?

hey guys, i have a project coming up for geometry where you pick a topic, and explain how the fundamentals of geometry effect it (i choose yoyos). i have a basic idea on what to say (shape of yoyo, green triangle, around the world, ect.) but i wanted to get some feedback from the community. any help is greatly appreciated.

First off, it should be how is geometry fundamental to yoyoing. The fact that tricks can form shapes doesn’t seem like you can get enough out of it. I’m only in Algebra 1 currently, so I can’t help you too much. However, I’m thinking the generally two dimensional nature of geometry just won’t be relatable to yoyoing. When relating math to yoyos, physics comes to mind more than anything. Maybe trigonometry could relate to yoyos. I don’t know. Sorry if my basic working understanding of geometry confused you :stuck_out_tongue:

its all good, i understand where you are coming from. though tricks may only supplement one or two concepts of the project, i have been trying to think what would work best to demonstrate them. personally, i think i could find ten things that yoyoing has to do with geometry, but it will take some time and playing around. and i am stuck with only using geometry, which limits me greatly. thanks for the input.

Y’know, except for the whole crap-ton of the stuff in geometry that is three dimensional. Like literally tons and tons of stuff.

I’d say there’s enough in yoyoing to apply geometry to that you could have a fairly decent project on your hands. You can use string segments as radii for when the yoyoing is swinging to calculate the circumference of the path the yoyo travels. You could then complicate it by taking a certain string trick, calculating how much string you are taking up into the formation, then use the radii of the string as it is swinging around in the trick at various points to calculate the distance the yoyo effectively travels during the trick.

That’s just one example of many potential options.