How is 2a judged

Sorry for being such a newbie at knowing stuff about contests and worlds lol :smiley:

2A is judged on difficulty of each individual element.

Loops for example, are judged based on each variation.
A player doing two hand loops, transitioning into cross arm loops - 1 point
Crossing back over to normal loops, into other arm cross arm loops - another point.
And more points for difficulty of said kind of loop: twice crossed loops, turn loops - 2-3 points.

Wraps are judged based on a whole as well.
Player doing a few reps of cow wraps - 1 point.
changing the cow wraps with a variation, say inside outside - 2 points.
Fountain wrap variations - possibly 3 points.

Tanglers can vary from 1 to 3 points based on difficulty and variation also.

And of course originality comes into play as being original will boost your score.
That combined with professionalism, all come together for a final score.