How High's The Water, Momma?

Today was forecast to be the only nice day for the next week so I took my canoe to the St. Croix River on the MN/WI border. We’ve had a lot of rain over the last couple of weeks and it’s running 2-3 times what we normally see at this time of year. The water depth is 4-5 ft. around those trees, which are normally on “dry” land.

These and a few more full size images can be seen here:


Updated the link to the full size pics.

Looks like a good day to canoe. Did the area get any flooding, or did everything stay in the banks?

Wow, that looks gorgeous. I bet it was nice and peaceful out there.

It was a great day. It’s within the banks mostly but the islands and campsites are all under water. There’s a few campsites in the area of the pics that are under 4-5 ft of water. It’s a designated federal wild river with remote campsites reachable by boat. There’s no road flooding or anything like that.

In the backwaters it was very peaceful. In the main channel the current was very strong with a 10-15 mph wind running upstream. Difficult paddling either way though the wind helped a bit going upstream when it gusted. The pics are in a backwater area. With the water that high you could get into places that you normally couldn’t go.

Wow I wouldn’t want to be the people camping there. By the way how long for all that water to drain or evaporate?

Johnny Cash…

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That really depends on how much more rain we get. Rain is predicted for most of the watershed through next Friday. It took 3 weeks for the spring runoff to drain off starting about May1st. I can see this lasting 2-3 weeks.

Thanks, M.DeV1. Always like a little JC.

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that’s a long time but for those. 3 weeks there must be good fishing!