How do you stop oxidation after stripping?

Is there any way other than anodization? I was hoping to preserve the finish, which obviously polishing wouldn’t accomplish.

does anyone still do ano jobs on single yoyos?

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For aluminum? I’ve seen good results with a clear coat BUT I have no idea how that would affect the play of the yo-yo, if at all. I’m sure some of the pro modders here will be able to give you some deeper insight.

Home anodizing is your best bet for aluminum. It really isnt too hard and is able to be done while only purchasing a few things. Nothing else would actually protect it - like spraying clear coat, and unless you apply it thickly it would still oxidize in places because it doesn’t have a proper molecularly cohesive bond.

For a raw aluminium yoyo? You could always use a bit of metal polish with protectant to give it a nice shine and protect it from oxidation. I’ve used Flitz and it gives raw aluminium a great shine and keeps it from oxidizing for a while.

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How long does it take aluminum to “rust”? I mean, unless you live in some tropical environment with 80% humidity all the time, is oxidation really that much of a concern?

Renaissance Wax - developed by the British Museum to preserve antiques:

Can be used on virtually anything - metal, wood, ceramic, leather, even stuff like parchment and paper.

I’ve used it myself and it really does what it says on the tin!

Edit to add - it even seems to prevent fingerprint marks. Magical stuff.