How do I change my picture???

I am having trouble changing my profile picture. How do I change it?

You need to make sure that it is an avatar, if it’s not then google, “how to make picture an avatar” I’m pritty sure there’s an e-how link that tells you how to do it

Got to your profile options, and upload a picture, or you can use the pictures they have available.

There is a size limit. I think it’s 200x200 pixels.

That’s why only YYE pictures worked for me. That’s why I used Shaq Northstar ::slight_smile:

But it keeps not letting me tap the button. Maybe it froze up. I’ll try again

hmm it should, if you can’t find a picture that works use a yoyoexpert pic, like mine. ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: :wink: :slight_smile: ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: