how do do a combo

idont know quy they can do a combo but i cant doing ajensenkimmit and john ando combo please teachme

I’m not exactly sure what you’re asking, but it’s probably one of these two questions.

  1. Can someone teach me/is there a tutorial for a Jensen Kimmet or John Ando combo?
    To answer that: Yes, there is/are, made by Jensen and his crew: (This is just one of them, more can be found on the user’s channel):

  2. How can I make a combo like Jensen Kimmet or John Ando?
    If you want to make a combo exactly like theirs, it’s best if you get really good, and then watch a whole bunch of their stuff. When you do this, you get familiar with their style.
    Once you’re familiar with their style, go into a mount commonly used by them (for Jensen I’d go to a 1.5, for Ando, I’d go to an arm mount,) and use movements similar to the ones that they use.

This being said, I think it is best not to copy other players’ tricks and styles. (The only reason it would be acceptable is to try and introduce yourself to a different style. For example: If your tricks are all fast complicated tech, and you want to try and put some slacks and smooth transitions in, you might want to look at Takahiro’s stuff.)
Remember: Imitation is suicide.

Hope that helps: TEAmPownage