How did you start YoYoing??? How did you find out about it???


What’s your story??? Here’s mine: So one day December 2011 my friend brought a Yomega Fireball to school. He let me try it I thought it looked fun, so I gave it a shot on January 2012. I got a Yomega Fireball and it broke, so than I got a Duncan Butterfly and a Duncan imperial. But than those broke so I got a YYF One but then the responsive bearing broke so I had to learn how to bind on April 16th. On may 29th I got a YYF DV888, Now I have a YYF Super G, but Now I have decided to take JohnnyJs advice he gave to me through this website which is: all YYFs feel the same, start trying new brands. There’s his advice, but I still want to be sponsored byYYF


Kind of allready a thread like this…,16.0.html


Someone call 911!

This man is clearly suffering from an over-adhibition of punctuation!

Oh the humanity! We can only hope it’s not contagious!


Not true.


So not true indeed.

All my YYF’s have a distinct play, feel and personality. Some have similar aspects to others, but each is unique.

Try my Roll Model. Then try my Super Star. Then try my MVP. Then try my Equilateral. Then any of my YYF plastics. They do NOT feel the same.


I remember seeing yoyofactory’s commercial for the FAST 201. I saw this trick where the yoyo was “boinging” back and forth and I hit had to learn that trick.

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I aw a Gentry Stein video. It was all history from there.


There was a kid at my camp and he was always yoyoing, he was pretty good not too sure but I think he did things like boing e boing and stuff. So when I got home I found a raider that I bought from a toy store a while ago and learned stuff like brain twister, then decided I really liked the hobby got a dm2 and it’s gotten me to we I am today

Footnote- that raider came in handy later dabbling in looping


I was a tractor supply, and I saw this proyo on clearance, and I bought it, then I got a throw monkey… Then I got a wooly marmot. Lol.


I couldnt even exlain mine. dont have enough words

I am here:
|Y|O|R|E|D| @~~

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yoyo boom at school


At the time, it was the thing to do, i just wanted to fit in. Now, i stick out because of it.

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and guess who started it? ME!


A yoyo in a goody bag


I lost my phone and ipod so dad bought me a butterfly and by the next week my friend gave me a Yomega Hyper Warp. This was about I month ago now I have a butterfly Hyper warp Zen 4 Counter Attack Speed Dial and a super wide