How did you start to yoyo?

I started to yoyo when I searched up “yoyoing” on youtube one late night. After that, I got hooked.

I got my first yoyo from the NED show and used it for a week (just one more toy) then i saw some sweet tricks and started practicing a lot and got better to the point of beig able to do rock the baby. I stopped for like three years. And picked it back up in the winter of 2010. Ive been yoyoing ever since.

When I was in elementary, my school also went through the yoyo craze, I started with a green Duncan Butterfly, then moved to a Yomega X Brain. I got up to rock the cradle and stopped a few months later. Fast forward 15 years, my fiancee found a Batman yoyo at target for 50cents and included it in my anniversary gift(im a huge batman fan). I played with it for a few days and I was hooked. I work over nights and have a lot of down time so I quickly found yoyonation and yoyoexpert and was blown away. I bought a maverick and started learning tricks with Andre… and havent been able to stop

The F.A.S.T. 201 commercial way back when is what got me started. When I saw someone doing boing e boing in the commercial inwas blown away and thought “I HAVE TO LEARN THAT!!”

In 7th grade my entire grade went crazy for yoyos and the Dark Magic and i just kept doing it