How did I...?

Okay, this has happened to me a few times.

Sometimes when I do ninja vanish, instead of landing in a regular GT I land in a double GT. I’m not really sure how this happening but I’d like to understand so I can do it more often (and on purpose!).

someone answer this I love when this happens! unfortunately I dont know either

i would like a video of this trick

I’d make a video if I could do it every time but like I said, it’s random. I could be doing ninja vanish for an hour and not do a single one.

is there a video of ninja vanish? id like to see that

That’s strange. Of all the times I’ve done it, not once has it resulted in a double GT.

By the way, to cure all the confusion, it’s also known as a flying GT.

Hasn’t happened for a while since I have them down very well now but when I was learning flying GTs it happened a few tiems.

18 seconds in?

^ when was that video taken?

if you look in the backround it says worlds 2006 :wink:


Looks like he comes around twice.