can someone please make a tutorial for hook 2.0 and 1.5 i really need to learn them

wow demanding are we? Ill give u a tut on how to use google or youtube hows that?

  1. Turn on your pc
  2. open up you internet browser
  3. Go to www.youtube.com
  4. Search for what ever hook tutorial you want. I grantee, they are there

Hope that Helps!

Apparently there are no tutorials for that 2 tricks. Just videos of them, but you can slow em down and watch closely.

there is no need to be sarcastic. have you even tried the instructions you just gave me because i have, over and over and over and there is no tutorial for hook 2.0 or 1.5

Lets try to keep it friendly.

What helps me to learn a trick that there is no tutorial for is basically what issuzark said. Finding a good video with a good angle of the trick you are trying to learn and just watch it over and over again. I’m sure I have seen Paul Han do crazy hooks like that maybe you could look at some of his or the Bomb Squad videos to find what you are looking for… Hope that helps.

Mr. Yo

www.highspeedyoyo.com has them in slowmo

Here, I used it to learn Iwasawa’s Laceration Tower, but it has 1.5 and 2.0 hook as well.


Look under Slacks, Hooks, And Whips.