Highlight from yesterday's celebrations

Norway’s constitution day happened. And with that came the mens choir festivities, which fires off at 6 AM by waking up the principal of the university and having a small breakfast there.

A couple of hours into what you can call our city tour, we sing by the statue of Olav Tryggvason. When we got there, we found a high-school graduate sleeping there (most likely having partied for a very long time the day before, which is a tradition for graduates). We couldn’t let the opportunity pass to give this tired guy a fitting wakeup:

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Without this, I wouldn’t have known Norway even had a constitution day haha. Thanks for sharing.

Fitting indeed. :smiley:

This thing hit reddit. 79th most popular on r/all, 2nd on r/videos.

I’m in “MOM I’M ON TV!!!” kind of mood right now.

Beautiful song. Great job mate !!! Cheers for Norway

Just saw this on reddit, and I instantly thought on this thread!

This is great! what you guys did is awesome.

YouTube just updated the viewcount. 124.000 views. It’s almost 2 AM here, I should be sleeping, but I’m just in a way too good mood to sleep right now.

Well, the video got over 250k views. We also got in contact with the guy, which is why the video is now private.

Hmmm, didn’t want his minute of fame, hehhh.

Yeah I think when it got to the point where his friends caught the video, his facebook blew up and that stuff can be scary I guess. We are of course hoping to get his permission to make the video public again, because right now, viewers are just being routed to reuploads.

Shameless necro

With approval, the video has gone public again.

Hahaha what no death metal? Great harmony and that poor drunk/drugged kid must have had the wake up of a life time. :slight_smile: