High End Metals....Crazy Prices (Cascade added)

Once again, cleaning out the collection a bit to make some room for new arrivals.

Prices are what I consider “crazy” low, not because of any issue with the throws, but just because I want the cash and I’d like it quick. NO TRADES

OD Cascade Dragonslayer. Mint in box. Not much else to say. sold

One Drop 54 - again, ridiculously close to mint w/ box. Actually just found the tiny pinkprick that is pictured while taking the picture. Tiny. Other than that, perfect and dead smooth. Comes with brass domes as pictured. -$65

One Drop Dietz - YYE edition. Mint with box. Best undersize I’ve ever thrown, just don’t play undersize much anymore. You gotta get this. $70

And the big gun…YYR Gleipnir. Mint with Box. The lubricant in the bearing hasn’t even been worn in, it’s that mint. sold