Hey Jayyo When Are You.....?

Hey, Jayyo. I got a question for you. When are you going to make your 11 year video? I watched your 10 year one and it got me thinking… ;D

Heres Jayyo’s 10 year video from last year

Wow, its been a year since I made that video.

Well, it will be after my surgery this tuesday, and after my recovery from said surgery, and most likely after worlds.

I am already working on some new tricks for the vid.

It will be called “Alive” and the song will be P.O.D. Alive.

Coming soon!


Yay!!! Thanks Jayyo! Hope to see your new tricks! Good luck at your next surgery. :wink:

Good luck with surgery…

I cant wait for the video!

Good luck with your surgery!
And awesome! new video!

Good luck Jayyo, I can’t wait to see the vid!