Help w/ Hipster Whip-like trick ("easier" than Hipster Whips!)


Hey! I’ve asked this before, and I was pointed towards a tutorial Alexis JV did for hipster whips. But I just realized they’re two completely different tricks. Alexis does both of them in his 2012 Canadian Nats Championship-winning freestyle.

He does the trick I want to learn at 1:28

He does hipster whips at 1:50. Granted, they’re both cool tricks. I just want to learn the first one at the moment. :slight_smile:

Does anyone have a tutorial/know of a tutorial for this one? I’d like to see something with a better angle and much closer. I don’t know what it’s called.

Jensen does a similar trick here at 1:36 too. Still not the best angle since I can’t really get a good look at what he’s doing with his NTH


Have you seen this?


AJV made a tutorial of it a long time ago, but has been taken down for a while.

It’s called “Wave Slack”.

I like to think of it like a follow (you pinch, swing slack, regrip) done with both hands.

The best tutorial I can find is here:


Yeah, I’ve seen that. It’s not hipster whips that I want to learn, though. It’s 1:28 in Alexis’ freestyle. It’s like a jump-rope move.


Hmm. Sorry, looks like you were responding as I posted that ^^^

Interesting! So, maybe I should ask Jayyo? (That’s Josh Yee, right? haha)